Who are We?

✔ Team of Creative people - Passionate for Visual and film media.
✔ We deal with only PROFESSIONAL THINGS!
✔ We deliver quality and YES... our work is RESULT ORIENTED... !!

Video Tools

1. Professional Cameras - Sony A7 SIII and Canon 5D Mark 4
2. Cinematic Lens Kit
3. Professional Lens Sets - Wide and Tele Lens
4. High Quality Lapel and Hand Microphones
5. Tripod and Necessary Lights
7. Multi Camera Setup with Wireless System for Video Signal and Talkback Arrangements
8. Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro for professional video editing and effect processing.

And the brain behind... We have skilled manpower to operate !!

Our Video Tools
Our Video Tools

Why Us?

1. International Quality Content (Thanks to collaboration with European Film and Media Technicians) at Reasonable Cost.
2. Use of Latest Technology (i.e. 4K High Resolution Cameras etc.).
3. Innovative and Creative Approach.
4. Speedy Delivery
5. Free Upgrades.
6. Visual Entertainment with Focus on Results.
7. Independent Studio with A to Z Equipment.
8. Free Guidance for Business Development and Increase in Sales!

Mainly.. we have Humans Behind the Machines
and Film and Video Production is NOT OUR BUSINESS.. it is OUR PASSION.

Our Team and Associates

1. Mrs. Rasika Kulkarni (Proprietor)
2. Sheshgiri Chikerur (Editor, Producer and Young Talent Spotter)
3. Shivam Aher (Creative AV Producer, Director, Fly-Cam and 5D Expert)
4. Mahadev Gawai (Photographer and Videographer)
5. K. Sarthak (Cinematographer)
6. Mahesh Kawle (Associate Video Editor)
7. Tushar Gadekar (A Professional Cameraman with his own camera equipment setup with jimmi jib trolley and skilled camera operators.)
8. Prashant Tambat (A Senior and Experienced Photographer)
9. Prafulla Chikerur (Content Development Expert)

Our Team
Our Team
Our Team
Our Team


To provide economical yet artistic videos for Business Promotion and Branding.


To help promote business by producing entertaining videos that capture the attention of the viewers.


Our goal is to help business persons, entrepreneurs and industrialists achieve their GOAL (with help of amusing and entertaining Ad-Films or technically sound Video Presentations and Documentaries).

Expert Guidance

Mr. Boris Ersson

Internationally well-known and senior videographer from Sweden. A Specialist in Environmental Films, Boris has extended his support and guidance to Yash Communications for scripting, research and checking the content before it is distributed. He also helps us getting latest equipment and technologies.

Mr. Alexander Kalashnik

A Vieo Expert from Ukraine.

Mr. Sanjay Dabke

A Fullbright Scholar for Visual Effects. A premier advisor for Bollywood films. An expert in Theme and Amusement parks. Besides being a media expert, he acts as a friend, philosopher and guide for Yash AV Communications.

Mr. Pradeep Wagh

A media expert with vast overseas experience. He has produced several national and international films. He supports Yash AV Communications in many ways like content development, research, equipment help, narration and much more...