Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a typical budget for an ad film / documentary?

We work for all budgets. Typically our budget range is from ₹ 50,000 to ₹ 10 Lakhs for ad film / documentary.

Do we also do photography?

Although we have both photo and film cameras, we are more focused in filming - movie making and videos. Still we do wonderful photography as per client needs.

Can we do animation?

Animation is not our core competency. We outsource the work but give you the required results. Of course our videos have extensive use of animation, special effects, 3D titles and VFX.

Do we do wedding and related coverage?


Do we do event coverage?

YES!! But mainly outside India.

Can you do small corporate AV films in just two three days?

YES!! Please call for budget and time required.

What is the typical time required for making ad film / documentary?

We need around 10 to 20 days for Documentary Short Film or Corporate AV, while a TV or Film ad requires around 20 to 30 days.

Can we do background music, ad jingles and sound dubbing?

YES!! Our associates in Mumbai, Pune and Nashik are eager to hear from you.

How can you help us to reach people (i.e. how do you distribute the completed ad film / documentary?

We help you for telecasting / webcasting / social media promotion / screening at exhibitions & at Large Screen Cinemas / PVR Theaters. We have tie-ups with well-known agencies regarding video distribution.

Finally, why do we need a VIDEO of my product / service or property? Isn't it expensive?

Simple, nowadays it is relatively easy and economical to create a video presentation or video advertisement. But the most important thing is that, it can be distributed almost free of cost on Internet (through FaceBook / YouTube) Mobile (through WhatsApp) and of course on your website. It can be used as a Company Presentation or an Exhibition Display. It is an excellent marketing tool on your computer. With just little additional budget, you can always reach to TV channels and even local cinema theaters to promote your advertisement.